Gap Filler

Gap Filler is an initiative that was started in response to the earthquake Christchurch experienced on 4 September 2010. It is a creative urban regeneration initiative that aims to temporarily activate vacant sites around the city. The creative projects can be found all around the city and aim to make the city more interesting and vibrant. 

Gap Filler uses a lot of recycled materials as part of it's projects eg: The building of the Pallet Pavilion

Gap Filler is a registered charity and is run by volunteers.

Gap Filler has a set of core values which it has used to help it undertake the projects it has and also has meant it can evolve in our ever changing city. As the Gap Filler projects are temporary what you can see and participate in is ever changing. 

The Gap Filler Website let's you see all past projects as well as those currently out on sites.

To help you get around the city and visit the current projects you can download load a map ap from the ap store.