Street Art

Street Art-Art developed in Public Places. 

With more empty sections and bare walls than any other city in the world, Christchurch has come alive with splashes of colour on the once dark inner city building walls. Street Art litters the inner city from the Museum and the YMCA in the West of the CBD to Barbados St in the East. Most Art Works are within the 4 avenues areas. Street Art also adorns some walls around the shopping and cafe area of Sydenham which is situated between the CBD and our venue, Pioneer Stadium.

Street Art has an Ap you can download so you can walk/ stroll/ run or cycle around the city to capture all the images. The Ap is called Streetwise. 

Also gracing Christchurch Streets from time to time are temporary sculptures. The most well know of these is Michael Parekowhai's On First Looking into Chapman's Homer - the Bronze Bull Atop A Grand Piano.
Displayed first on an empty lot in Madras St and again in the later half of 2015 at Christchurch Airport, this work returned to the Newly Reopened Christchurch Art Gallery in December. 

Spectrum-  Is the Street Art Festival which is seen around the inner city as large city wall murals that add to the images already painted by local and international artist from the first spectrum festival and the amazing display/ museum that can be found at the YMCA, 12 Hereford St, Central Christchurch. It is a place where you can see the work of several distinguished street artists in one venue.