Fencing in New Zealand

The governing body of Fencing in New Zealand is known as Fencing New Zealand or FeNZ for short.

New Zealand is divided into four fencing regions; Fencing North, Fencing Central, Fencing Mid-South and Fencing South. 

Each region has its own committee which is responsible for growing the sport of fencing in their area. Each region holds regional competitions, has a high performance programme to support junior fencers and helps the clubs in their area be pro-active in schools and keep all age groups engaged with the sport. 

National competitions in New Zealand are rotated annually around the country and are hosted by different regions. New Zealand being part of Oceania Fencing Federation,it regularly hosts Oceania competitions. When New Zealand hosts an Oceania competition it is usually held alongside the National competition for that year.

Each region has its own dedicated website and Facebook page. To find out more about the regions and whether there are events to participate in  or club nights to visit while you are in New Zealand use the links below to visit the regions websites.

                                                                Fencing Mid-South

                                                                Fencing South- website under construction. Fencing South can we contacted by private messaging them via their face                                                                    book page.