Need Fencing Equipment while in Christchurch?

New Zealand has one fencing equipment supplier who lives in the country, Daniel Chan of Mainland Fencing. Mainland Fencing has a website store which fencers in New Zealand purchase from and get their items couriered to them or taken to competitions to pick up.

Mainland Fencing is happy to deliver ordered items to Christchurch for Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships. If you would like to order any equipment, please place your order by 14th November 2016. Daniel will then bring your purchase to Christchurch. 
Daniel Chan-owner of Mainland Fencing

Mainland Fencing will have a small selection of consumables on site at the competition venue so emergency repairs can done in Christchurch at the Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships. This emergency repair station will be located beside weapons control in the stadium.

*Left: Daniel Chan: owner of Mainland Fencing