Eligibility & Equipment Requirements

Participant countries must be a member of the Commonwealth and be a current member of the CFF(Commonwealth Fencing Federation). If there is no existing fencing federation in a given Commonwealth country, fencers wishing to compete in the 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships in Christchurch can apply for an FIE licence through the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of their country.

As a participant in a Commonwealth Veteran's Competition you must be 40+years old at the time the competition starts or turn 40 years old before 11:59pm on 31st of December, of the year in which the competition is held. 

For the 2016 event that means you must be at least 40 years old by 11:59pm on 31st of December 2016.
This means that you need to be born on or before 31st December 1976.

Direct Elimination in this competition will be held in Age Groups. The Eligibility for age groups is as follows...
  • 40+ born between 1967 to 1976
  • 50+ born between 1957 to 1966
  • 60+ born between 1947 to 1956
  • 70+ born  in 1946 and before

All athletes and referees must hold a current FIE licence. ie: 2015-2016 licence or 2016-2107 licence. For the process of getting a current FIE licence follow this link to appropriate section on FeNZ page


All athletes, must be entered by the recognised fencing governing body of each Nation (as listed by the CFF) on the official entry form by the closing date of 30 September 2016.

Equipment and Clothing:

1. Equipment 

FIE Rules for equipment apply

  • 800N Uniforms (jacket, pants, underplastrons)
  • 800N Sabre Gloves
  • All gloves must have no hole for body wires
  • 1600N masks
  • FIE stamped blades
  • Sabre Gloves- only approved gloves allowed
  • Visor masks – NOT PERMITTED
  • Lame bib for foil is required for ALL foil events.
  • FIE rule applies and only FIE Stamped Lame masks will be accepted.
  • Modified masks are not accepted for safety reasons.
  • Curly mask wires are permitted for sabre but not foil as per the FIE rules
  • Leon Paul Exchange masks must have a secondary strap fitted.

2. Clothing

While all clothing must comply with the FIE rules, the rule requiring all team members to be dressed the same will not be applied. Fencers must wear their name and 3 letter country code (for UK fencers this is NOT GBR) on the back of their jackets - letters in dark blue capitals between 8 and 10 cm in height.

Authorised national colours/logo on both legs,and on arms is optional. Veteran Fencers from the UK may wear the GBR strip. Any other national identifications must be removed or covered up. The general clothing standards must adhere to the FIE standards.

For clarification the following documents located on the FIE website can be looked at...
  • List of blades dated 18.2.2016
  • List of foil masks with bib M2009 dated 15.12.2016
  • Fencing weapons & equipment control, FIE Rules
  • Drawings on masks approved by the executive committee dated 2.2.2016
  • List of sabre gloves approved by the FIE 1.7.2015
PLEASE NOTE:  The above list of documents were the latest available at the time of publication. If these are superseded before the competition commences then the most up to date ruling with be followed.