Weapons Control Process

Weapons Control for 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships will open at 9:00am on the 16th November. 

Weapons Control will be close at  5pm on 16th November. 
Weapons Control will be located at Pioneer Stadium for the duration of 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships.

Pioneer Stadium

On Wednesday 16th November weapons check will be in the Meeting Room which is on the first floor.

There are stairs and lift access to the first floor

From Thursday 17th November until Sunday 20th November weapons check will be located in the stadium.

Please check the chart below for the weapons check timetable by event

Please note the following:
  • Equipment is to be lodged by delegations and/or individuals and is strictly limited to the stated numbers on the chart above.
  • All equipment lodged will be the morning of the day prior to an event with pick-up in the evening before, or where necessary on the morning of the event. 
  • Minor failures will be repaired where possible.
  • Items rejected shall have a clear indication of the reason for failure via a red failure card.
  • A re-lodgement process is in place. This will be done the morning of the event and the item which has failed previously must have its red failure card attached.
Weapon Control asks that all athletes please follow the  advice below...
  • Pre-test gear – Test all equipment before submission, to make sure there is as little chance of failure as possible.
  • Organisation – Make sure that no other gear except that which is being controlled is in your fencing bag.
  • Old control marks - Make sure all previous controls marks on body/hardwires have been removed in advance.
  • Body wires - make sure all body wires are untangled prior to control submission.
  • Lames - Make sure all lames are zipped up. 
  • Be organised before you get to weapons control by having your submission form filled out with your details.


Leasa Ogilvie,
Nov 6, 2016, 11:44 PM