Results, Photos & Finals Videos

Full results from the competition, including every event, pools and DE are available here.

Use the links below to get to the albums on Google Photos. Feel free to download, print, and share these photos.
  Day one medal presentations album   Day one fencing album
  Day two album  
Day 3
Opening ceremony

 Day 4 collage

Video footage has been taken of the finals + the medal ceremonies.


Mens 40+ Epee

Womens Sabre 40-49

Mens epee 50+

Mens epee 60+

Women's sabre 50 - 59

Womens Sabre 60-70+

Mens epee 70+

Womens Epee Teams Final

Mens Foil Teams Final

Womens Foil Teams Final

Womens Epee 60+

Womens Epee 50+

Womens Epee 40+

Mens Foil 70+

Mens Sabre Teams

Mens Foil 60+

Mens Foil 50+

Women's Foil 60 70+

Mens Foil 40+

Womens Sabre Teams

Womens Foil 40-49

Mens Sabre 70+

Mens Sabre 50+

Mens Sabre 40+

Mens Epee Teams

Below are links to the photos, click to see the full collection.