Below is the timetable of for  the Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships in our host city, Christchurch.

The information below might help you formulate your plans for travelling to New Zealand to participate.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

9am weapon check opens for the checking of Men's Epee & Women's Sabre equipment

9:30am Event Registration Opens

12pm Directoire Technique meeting

1pm to approximately 3pm Team Manager meeting

3pm Referees meeting

5pm Weapons Check closes

6pm Opening event

Thursday 17 November 2016

6:30am Venue open

6:30am Weapons Check opens

8am Men’s Epee

12:15pm Women’s Sabre

Friday 18 November 2016

6:30am Venue open

6:30am Weapons Check opens

8am Men’s Sabre

9:30am Start of Round Two Men's Sabre*

11:30am Start of DE Men's Sabre*+

60+, 70+ DE 8 on first

50+ DE 8

40+ DE 8

12:30pm Presentation for Semi Finalists Men's Sabre*+

1:30pm Finals Men's Sabre*+

2:30pm Men's Sabre Medal Presentation*+

8:15am Women’s Foil 

10:15am Start of Round Two Women's Foil*

12:15pm Start of DE Women's Foil*+

40+ - 50+ DE 16

60+ - 70+ DE 8

1:30pm Presentation for Semi Finalists Women's Foil*+#

2:30pm Finals Women's Foil*+

3:15pm Women's Foil Medal Presentation

2:30pm Men’s Epee Team Championship*^

Team Challenge Matches will start after the medals ceremony

3:45 pm Women’s Sabre teams*

Saturday 19 November 2016

6:30am Venue open

6:30am Weapons check opens

8am Men’s Foil

10:30am Round Two Men’s Foils Poules*

1pm Start DE Men’s Foil*+

DE 16

DE 8

3pm Presentation of Semi Finalists for Men’s Foil*

3:30pm  Presentation Finals Men’s Foil *#+

4:45pm Men’s Foil Medal Presentation

8am Women’s Foil teams 

9:30am Women’s Foil Medal Presentation

11am Women’s Epee

1pm Round Two Women’s Epee Poules*

3pm Start DE Women’s Epee*+

DE 16

DE 8

4:30pm Presentation of Semi Finalist for Women’s Epee

5pm Finals Women’s Epee*#+

4:30pm Men’s Sabre teams^

QF 1 match

5:15pm Semi Finals Men’s Sabre Teams

6pm Men’s Sabre Team Finals + Bronze Medal Match

6:45pm Women’s Epee and Men’s Sabre Team  Medal Presentations

*Approximate Times

+In age group order from oldest to youngest

^ First team match to start before men's sabre is finished as long as no competitors in both

# Possible age group fence offs for medals

Sunday 20 November 2016

7am Venue open

7am Weapons Check opens

9am Men’s Foil teams

9am Women’s Epee teams

7pm: Gala Dinner