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News Release No.11

posted Nov 6, 2016, 12:04 AM by Leasa Ogilvie
Today's news release gives you new information plus a couple of information reminders.

Food Trucks: We have confirmation  of which food trucks will be attending our event for you to purchase food on site...

Click on the link below to see what sort of cuisine will be showcased by our food trucks. 

Weapons Control: The official information about weapons control is now out. On Wednesday 16th November we expect bags to be left for checking at weapons control and to be collected in the afternoon before the opening ceremony.  Weapons control on Wednesday 16th is in a different place to the rest of the competition.

Click on the link below for full information...

Wednesday 16th November: Team manager meeting is scheduled for 1pm. All countries need a representative present. If you are still in transit at this time please inform the organising committee who can be present as your proxy.

Timetable: The timetable has been updated. More will be added to the timetable over the next couple of days. 

Click on the link below for full information...

Gala Dinner: We have had a couple of emails to see whether there are still places left at the gala dinner. There are still seats. 

Click on the link below for full information and to reserve your dinner tickets...

See you in Christchurch November 2016