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News Update No. 6

posted Oct 13, 2016, 2:15 AM by Leasa Ogilvie
Here is your next anticipated news update!

Event Merchandise: As you know sports towels, Polo Shirts and Tee Shirts are available to purchase as part of your New Zealand Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Experience, orders need to be placed by 19th October. For our overseas visitors, please place your order and pay on collection in NZ, please DO NOT pay by PayPal. New Zealanders please pay for your purchases by internet banking.


Follow the link to order now



Sabre On-Guard Position: With Rio behind us the FIE announced that they will trial the new sabre en-garde position. The Commonwealth Technical Committee have decided that this trial will NOT be used for CVFC 2016.


Sabre Gloves: The following information applies to sabre gloves...


Sabre Gloves: 800N glove.


All gloves must have no hole for a body wire 


For full equipment standards follow the link below


Team Event Entries: More information about the team event and entry procedure has been uploaded to the website.  Follow the link below for the latest information...


Team managers will be contacted directly via email regarding entries. 


Timetable: The competition timetable has had its first update. 


Follow the link for the latest timetable...



Food Trucks: To supplement the cafe at our venue there are going to be a variety of food trucks in attendance from around 10am each day to approximately 3pm. Food trucks are part of the new look Christchurch Cafe scene. The Food trucks will be located on the grass area in front of the creche adjacent to the car park and main entry into the complex. 


Follow the link to see who will be present...