Training before the Competition

For fencers arriving in New Zealand to holiday before the 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships and intending to fit in pre-competition training
there is information and links to regional club websites and contacts on the ‘Fencing in New Zealand’ webpage of this website

Christchurch Training : The Fencing Institute 

Training in Christchurch is available at the Fencing Institute which is one of the five clubs in Christchurch and is the only club to have permanent club rooms. The Fencing Institute is also the only club that runs all year round, closing just for a couple of weeks over Christmas. As the only permanent fencing venue, the Institute is used for Mid-South regional competitions as well as most National competitions run by Mid-South. 

High Performance Fencer in action
The MidSouth High Performance Squad also use the fencing Institute as their training venue. After school fencing classes are on week days as well as adult beginner classes and open club training sessions. 

Club nights are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 9-9:30pm. For more information or to let the club you would like to attend a club night session email 

* Above: High Performance Squad In Action